The show must go on 2015



These are scenarios of show business and activities focused on entertainment, from a personal point of view.

For these works, new ways to approach the playful world of show business are explored. Both acts and daily life situations are expressed in irregular formats, playing with the form of the characters and what they are doing. Most of the series is realised in 3D.


The first works of the series are related with circus images, because it was the first form of massive entertainment in history. However, The show must go on includes all forms of expressive entertainment.

Big beatiful women 2013-2017



Big Beautiful Women is a series of paintings that presents the strength, happiness and beauty of women in everyday life. The portrayed ladies enjoy their femininity in the way they are, regardless of their job or public function. In this series, beauty is not related to looks or physical shape.

Natural mother 2006-2009


A series that explores the concept of femininity, associated with nature, sensuality and fertility. It relates life and creation to female figures and their interaction with the natural environment, together with masculine elements.

Natural mother also captures the complexity of the female psyche in all it's unpredictibility.


The series was developed in acrylic and collage on paper

From the woods to the city

Acrylic on paper

400cm X 100cm

Erika Stanley

Intimate spaces 2008-2012



This series is a representation of daily life feelings, using metaphors as a tool to show those intimate moments that are living in the memory. Scenarios from the real life transform to a ludic and oneiric space, where dreams and reality play together on the canvas in an eternal instant.


The series is figurative and was developed in acrylic on canvas and collage.

Subworlds 1995-2006



A subworld is a world inside another. It's representing real situations in a ludic and oneiric way, showing characters interacting within surrealistic scenarios, seen mostly from an air perspective.

The technique is acrylic on canvas.


The series creates the idea that the spectator is watching a world from a secret point of view, while he could also be seeing it from the regular perspective at the same time.


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